Russian encrypted sim

Russian encrypted sim card is not so new product on the market. Let us dig down and explain what this product is.

Many companys offering product that called russian encrypted sim card, this sim clamed to have super cool A5.1. algorithm that will encrypt all you calls in and out. Reality of this is A5/1 was developed in 1987. Vulnerability of A5/1  exist and called  "A51 security project”.  Russian encrypted sim card can be decripted with high-end FPGAS (field programmable gate array semiconductors) aslo called ASICs.

How to protect yourself from getting decripted. First is use only reputable sellers (re-sellers) that on market for long time. If you not sure use google to find more about the website or the seller. Avoid getting fooled with to cheap prices (some sellers offering unlimited russian sim cards for 200-350 GBP per 6 month ) while the real cost of minut 0.20-0.30 cent just ask yourselef.. this company is a charity ? or why they sell underprice ? Will you run business if it will get you out of pocket ?

"Customer explained that company that sold him the Russian encrypted sim  promissed that that SIM card is programmed to avoid connecting to the strongest cell tower"   Well .. really no coment on that.. sim can not not cotroll signal ..  Sim is a Subscriber Identity/Identification Module in another words a key to connect to  cell tower (SS7) network to make/ recive calls. Sim card do not control network signal.

IMSI Catchers can not catch Russian encrypted sim . IMSI Catcher (An international mobile subscriber identity-catcher) and A virtual base transceiver station (VBTS) is a device for identifying the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) of a nearby GSM mobile phone no matter of what sim card will be used, as phone transmit visible signal of mobile subscriber identity to connect to nearby cell tower.